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Are you ready to experience the power of clarity? To transform your life by simply saying no to another drink? 

Whether you're fully committed to sobriety, kinda' committed or just sober curious, you've come to the right place. Wherever you are on the continuum of sobriety, any effort to quit drinking is hard! So, pat yourself on the back for even considering this path.

Try before you (say) bye

The decision to quit for good, is tough to make. I get it. That's why committing to a set period of alcohol-free days can be a more palatable foray into this new lifestyle. A sort of try before you buy (or bye). While you may think it's enough to simply cut out drinking from Monday to Thursday, I'll have to disagree. Lovely idea, yes, but to truly experience the benefits of sober living, a full break is your best bet. A 30-day dry period offers the ideal amount of time to begin to understand your triggers for drinking and explore the benefits that come with not drinking. Think more time, more money and better health! It's also a perfect jumping off point to commit to no more drinking. Period. (If that's what you decide.)

Sober Curious

Are you on the fence on whether you can, or want, to end your reliance on alcohol? But not interested in going full stop? Need a little more clarity on whether clarity is your bag? Check out the tips below. They'll help you better understand how you really feel about your drinking habits and whether the time has come to give it up (for now or forever).

  1. Write a list of all the reasons you drink and all the reasons you want to quit. 
  2. Write a letter to alcohol. Is it a loving letter? Co-dependent? Angry? 
  3. Track how often you drink and keep a tab on what you're spending over a month.
  4. Read the blog posts on Hello Clarity and sign up for the weekly newsletter to stay inspired and, well, curious.
  5. Be honest with yourself and make your own conclusions. It's no one's job to tell you alcohol is bad or wrong. That's your decision to make. 

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